Garlic Olive Oil

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This infused olive oil is the perfect example of a versatile culinary oil adding robust and assertive garlic flavor wherever garlic is required. Imagine smelling the aroma of a freshly peeled garlic clove diced into small pieces. Garlic olive oil pairs very well with just about any white balsamic, dark balsamic or fruit vinegar and is the essential finishing oil in many Mediterranean dishes. 

COMPLEMENTS: Salad, meat, seafood, pasta, bread, potatoes, vegetables

VINEGAR PAIRINGS: Blackberry Ginger, Cinnamon Pear, Italian Espresso, Mango, Peach, Habanero Honey, Sicilian Lemon or Traditional Aged Balsamic.


-Combine with Traditional to drizzle on salads

-Combine with Peach  or Pineapple for a chicken or tofu marinade

-Combine with equal parts of Espresso Balsamic and Harissa Olive Oil for a flank steak or chicken marinade

-Use alone or with any balsamic for roasting vegetables or bread dipping

-Drizzle over pasta, baked potatoes, rice or mashed potatoes

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What makes our Olive Oil special?

  • We always have fresh olive oil every 6 months. Olives are only harvested once in each hemisphere. With our connections to small farms in the Southern Hemisphere, we are able to take advantage of a 2nd growing season which allows us to provide you with fresh olive oil every 6 months.


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Christine Tomlinson
Garlic Olive Oil

Everyone needs a touch of Garlic Olive Oil from Lot22 in their kitchen. We always buy a few extra flavors to add a little touch of wow to our meal.

Jamie Glassford
Olive oil

Love the shop and the oil, happy it is local!

FRED Lombardo
Olive love

Lot22 olive oil is the best olive oil I’ve ever used
It is truly an amazing product.

jen alphin
Flavor blast

Love the garlic oil. First time shopping here. Will be back for sure!!

Bonnie Bachman
5 stars!

I always buy from the store in canyon crest, I ordered online this time and I was surprised to see that my order arrived within 2 days! Packaged perfectly and the products are the best!