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Body Care

Not only do we sell award winning olive oil but we use it in all of our body care products as well.  We find it adds a moisturizing element that works far better than anything else and it comes from the same trees that make our local olive oils.


Cooking, baking and sautéing with olive oil adds a tremendous flavor to food with great health benefits.  These are books that capitalize on the use of olive oil to make some pretty awesome dishes.

Dark balsamic

Our Dark Balsamic Vinegar is made from Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes. They are aged and reduced for years which brings out the sweetness of the grapes while also adding a thickness in consistency.  With multiple flavors and our traditional balsamic (aged over 18 years), there are countless options for dipping...


Pasta is a quick easy meal that can bring a whole family together.  We have some really great options for both fresh pasta and dried pasta.

White Balsamic

Our White Balsamic Vinegars are made from Trebbiano grapes. They are much lighter in the mouth than our dark balsamic vinegar's but they have a personality all their own.  They are great to mix with olive oil for salads, as marinades, on vanilla ice cream, to flavor a spritzer or...