Italian Lemon Olive Oil
Italian Lemon Olive Oil -
Italian Lemon Olive Oil
Italian Lemon Olive Oil
Italian Lemon Olive Oil -
Italian Lemon Olive Oil

Italian Lemon Olive Oil

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A wonderful extra virgin olive oil infused with the fresh oil and natural aromas of Italian lemon. The clean body and perfect condition of oil extracted from fresh Italian lemons create an exceptionally versatile olive oil that works beautifully on fresh pasta, grilled fish, roasted vegetables, and salads. Try using it to poach fish; the gentle, low and slow cooking method will turn a simple cut of fish into a silky smooth and gorgeously flavored elegant dish that requires little to no work.

BALSAMIC PAIRINGS: Strawberry, Traditional or Tangerine 

Excellent Complements

• Scallops
• Zucchini Salad
• Greek Salad
• Pasta
• Crostini
• Olive Oil Cake
• Grilled Vegetables
• Vinaigrettes
• Summer/Winter Squash
• Marinades for Poultry, Seafood, and Vegetables
• Leafy/Winter Greens
• Grains
• Baked Goods

Ideas for Use

  • Use to sear, roast, or grill seafood.
  • Combine with a suggested vinegar for a salad dressing or marinade, baste oven-roasted turkey, chicken, or Cornish game hens.
    Use to poach center-cuts fish fillets; we especially like it with thicker, meatier fish such as salmon, trout, halibut, and arctic char.
  • Use to sauté green beans for Green Beans Almondine.
  • Drizzle over grilled zucchini, fennel, asparagus, or baby artichokes.
  • Use it to toss pasta primavera, couscous, or farro salad.
  • Use to make a deliciously lemony homemade mayonnaise or aioli.
  • Use in baking in lieu of melted butter or other oils: try it in pound cake, muffins, and zucchini bread.
  • Combine with a balsamic for salad dressing for veggies or fruit
  • sauté dry rice until translucent, add liquid, then cook as directed
  • replace other oils in baking

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      Susanne Lane
      Great Product

      I just tried the Honey Ginger Balsamic Vinegar and it was the best I have ever tasted. A little spicy but full of flavor. I also tried the Italian Lemon Olive Oil..absolutely will reorder and next order will be more unique products..
      All in all I am glad I tried your product

      JoAnne Del Bove
      Good purchase

      I liked this one the best! Great flavor


      OMG these olive oils and balsamic vinegar is awesome!!! I will definitely be a repeat customer and for gift giving. Thank you so much, Renee S. NJ

      Rick Keelean

      Great flavor. Excellent oils.

      Tawnie Winder

      Very good and got my order quickly!