From The Farm

Posted by Zach Thorp on 21st May 2019

A great extra virgin olive oil tells a story!  It's the story of a farmer who works harder than most would want to work to nurture an olive tree throughout the year.  The farmer works the soil, controls the water, watches for pest and prays for good weather.  Because olives only harvest once a year in each hemisphere when you taste a really great, really fresh, extra virgin olive oil you are tasting a story, you are tasting hopes and dreams that took a whole year to come together, a great olive oil tells a story!  

. . . no blossoms, no olives.

Unfortunately last year the 2018 chapter didn't end as magical as many had hoped in California.  All seemed well but an unseasonably warm February took temperatures into 70's and 80's which tricked the trees into bloom.  This in of itself would not have been that bad except the following week saw temperatures drop into the mid 20's and low 30's which froze a significant amount of blossoms off the trees, no blossoms, no olives.  In one week a years work for many was lost. It was not uncommon last season to hear of olive growers without any fruit for the year.  Though we at Lot22 Olive Oil Co. did have olives, our production suffered by about 50%.

A great extra virgin olive oil tells a story!

As we turn the page to the 2019 chapter of this story I am happy to report that this years bloom is the biggest we have ever seen. The weather has treated us well and we anticipate a great fall crop.

If you get a chance to stop by either our Redlands or Riverside stores we encourage you to taste the 2018 lot of extra virgin olive oil's.  When you do, may you know that it's not just olive oil but a story of hopes and dreams encapsulated in a bottle.