Coratina - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Coratina EVOO-Robust Intensity
*Crush Date: Oct 2021

This Coratina from Puglia is one of the best Coratina oils of the Harvest. It starts with a beautiful green herb and floral aroma with assertive bitterness and especially strong pungency.  The balance and harmony are perfect for this robust intensity oil because of its high levels of fruitiness intensity.  The complex green olive fruit flavors include prominent cinnamon and mint, followed by fresh-cut-grass and leafy nettle followed by an aftertaste of black pepper and chili pepper.  It is a wonderfully fresh and fabulous EVOO!

Gold Medal and Best In Class @ 2022 Los Angeles County Fair

Polyphenol: 418

Country of Origin: Italy



Customer Reviews

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Sandra Wright
Delicious Oil

Absolutely delicious. This oil makes my salads “pop” with flavor. In addition, it’s healthful for you too. I also love the fact that such unique blends and the quality of the oils are nearby. I hit the jackpot with Lot 22.

Karen Heggi
My all-time favorite!

I LOVE this olive oil and use it all the time. It is my go-to salad dressing with your original balsamic vinegar. I also pour it on pizza and use it in many recipes.

Andrea Morales
Health benefits galore

I love the Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil not just for cooking, but for the health benefits. Started taking a shot of this with a little taste of the Lemon Balsamic Vinegar every morning about 8 months ago the pain in my shoulder has subsided to almost no pain at all & I stopped going to P.T.

Frantzeska Giginis
Great for dipping!

Very strong but incredible to seep with herbs and use on salad or dip bread in.

Mischa Routon

Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil