Arbequina - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Arbequina EVOO-Mild Intensity
*Crush Date: Oct 2021

The Aguilar Green Arbequina is an excellent, spicy, fresh, medium-robust Arbequina. The oil has both ripe and green flavors. The aroma highlights are green grass, herbaceous and floral undertones. It has the pronounced nuttiness, buttery-ness, tropical and ripe apple fruit flavors balanced by very grassy and herbaceous aromas of green apple and mint. This oil is well-balanced and complex with many aroma nuances and tastes super fresh.

Polyphenol:  294
 Country of origin: Spain

Customer Reviews

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Robert Russell
My order wasn’t correct!

When I got my order, I noticed it wasn’t correct. All it took was a few emails and with a few hours they responded back. They looked into it. Again got right back to me. Within a day I had the rest of my order shipped and they added an extra blood orange olive 🫒 oil to my order. They obviously looked at what I’ve ordered and my freebie was something I would have liked or ordered at another point. Well done Lot22! 👏👏
I will continue to order your products and keep trying new products! ❤️🫒oil!

Laura Montecinos
Love this Olive Oil

Knowing where this oil comes from and it’s excellent flavor…I buy it over and over again.

Alexis Rabichuk

I was told there was no comparison to the olive oil I had been using. Absolutely correct. It makes my food taste so much better.

Donna Smith
Outstanding oil and vinigar

Everything is great.

Barbara Wickam

Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil