Pour Spout with LID


This cleverly designed pour spout means never again wasting olive oil. The simple design incorporates a weighted flap cover over the opening, protecting the oil and controlling your pour.  Perfect for the kitchen.  Opens and closes by itself. Pour spout designed to fit all our bottle sizes.

Customer Reviews

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Cynthia S
Love love them

Loved them so much I need a few more…..or could it be I have too many oils and vinegars ☺️☺️☺️No. Just need more spouts

Gail Lloyd
Superior quality

So glad I took the chance and ordered some olive oil. What a difference in quality compared to any I’ve bought at the supermarket. I’ll definitely be a return customer.

Mike D. Colorado
A little odd but quite useful

The design keeps tricking me into trying to pour from the wrong side of the bottle! But when I re-orient myself, I am quite pleased with the way the oil pours slowly.

My only (other) gripe is that oil ALWAYS drips down the spout! There must be some way to prevent dripping, but these spouts are not it. Still, they are a nice alternative to pulling off a cork-like stopper.

Carol L Peterson

Pour Spout w/ LID

Sharron Thompson

I have tremors in my hands and with the pour spouts I can control the amount! Thank you! Thank you!