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Tangerine Balsamic Vinegar

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Our Tangerine Dark Balsamic is pleasantly tart, subtly sweet, and rich; an exceptional addition to salads, meaty fish, and chicken. Delicious when drizzled over pan seared or grilled salmon! You can also use it for Asian-inspired sauces, dressings, marinades, cheese plates, over yogurt, cottage cheese, fruit salad, and decadent chocolate brownies. 

OIL PAIRINGS: EVOO, Basil, Blood Orange, Gremolata, Harissa, Italian Lemon, Persian Lime, Toasted Sesame Oil


Combine with Italian Lemon or Blood Orange Olive Oil  as a tasty glaze for baked or grilled salmon

Combine with Persian Lime for a salad dressing

Combine with Harissa olive oil for a great marinade on chicken, beef or tofu

Customer Reviews

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Citrus Lover

This is the most flavorful and versatile citrus flavored Balsamic I have ever tasted, and as a citrus lover, I have tried many over the years. This vinegar has many uses. Try it over avacado and oranges or to create balsamic brussel sprouts for a unique flavor, or a dip for bread. it is an all time winner!


We were blessed to experience an olive oil tasting this afternoon as part of a church group. Our host, Zack, was very passionate and excited to teach us about different types of olive oil, olives, how they grow, and what to look for when we buy olive oil. We also tried a lovely aged 18 years balsamic vinegar which had a very deep and intense flavor. When the demonstration was over, we were free to roam through the beautiful showroom with handcrafted tables and try other olive oils and balsamics. I tried a blood orange olive oil which had a distinct and refreshing citrus taste on the palate and also tried a garlic olive oil which had the perfect garlic flavor to it. I tried a few different balsamic vinegars as well... tangerine balsamic with a fantastic citrus pop to it, a mission fig balsamic with an awesome front and center fig flavor, and a serrano honey balsamic with a little sweet heat!!! So many fun and interesting flavors and I will have to return to try (and subsequently buy) more flavors on the near future. I bought the tangerine balsamic and plan to make a salad with some of the oranges they gave us with our purchase. Thank you again for the wonderful experience!